When the summer bounty is winding down…

September 22, 2020
Author: Donna Reynolds

Whether we are forced by Mother Nature or your garden has given all it can, the days of the fresh summer fruits and vegetable are waning. Many of us have an over abundance of one vegetable or another.  Now you must decide what to do with all those tomatoes and zucchini! Try making zucchini bread. It’s nutritious and easy to freeze. My grandmother used to bake hers in soup cans…I always thought zucchini bread was round!
 Mini loaves are great for sharing too. Store in your freezer for those times when you need a little something for a friend, family member or let’s face it, a pick me up for yourself…
Now that we have zucchini covered, what to do with all those tomatoes?! It is a shame to let them go to waste. The obvious way to preserve those beauties would be freezing, canning or dehydrating. 
My grandmother would can whole tomatoes and tomato juice. Her basement shelves would be full from top to bottom. My mother, on the other hand would freeze her tomatoes. She always stayed clear of that pressure cooker. 
Whats your plan for your extra bounty? We are taking every opportunity to serve as much of these summer favorites as possible while we can. Here is a gorgeous appetizer platter anyone can get excited forand a few flowers from the garden as well. Enjoy every last bit of what summer has produced! 

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