“What do you do?”

July 16, 2018
Author: Donna Reynolds

It’s a question that often comes up and one that can be challenging to answer.

Sometimes a friend will introduce me to someone and say, ”This is the friend I was telling you about. She does stuff with food. It’s really cool. Tell them what you do Donna…”

I could just say that I am a Project Manager, which would be accurate. But it is way more interesting to give examples and help them understand this always different and challenging career. Over the years, I have perfected a short & sweet version that really helps.

Kitchen Consultants works with clients to execute the programs they create—in any market. Whether that is a food segment on local or network TV, an in-store product sampling or demo at a local specialty grocery or delivering a beautifully prepared recipe to a writer or brand influencer. Our main goal is to make our clients–and their products–shine!

We just organized a custom birthday cake (to showcase a clients product) for a top country musician who lives in a remote town—no problem. Or we made thousands and thousands of samples of a clients product and handed them out to customers from multiple booths over the course of a 4-day event—done. We also developed three new recipes to showcase a client’s product, including the nutritional analysis, then food and prop styled a shoot with a photographer for high res images for all sorts of uses—complete. And that was just last week. So, suffice it to say, it is never a dull moment, and I love it.

Usually, after a few examples the person I am talking to says something like, “Oh, I understand, that does sound really cool.” And it is.

Those of us who work at Kitchen Consultants (we feel) have one of the BEST jobs ever!

Kitchen Consultants has amazing talent all over the U.S. and the fact that we execute all these interesting projects every week for clients keeps us going during the crazy moments. So, sometimes the answer to the question “what do you do” is a short and simple one. But I couldn’t be happier that my answer to that simple question takes a little more.

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