Walking with Scissors

July 20, 2018
Author: Donna Reynolds
There is something about summer that makes me want to have fresh flowers and colorful fresh produce perpetually on my kitchen counter, island and table.
Heather and I both love having fresh flowers in our homes. Many times I buy flowers at my local grocery or farmer’s market and that is easy and quick. 
But, my favorite way to have fresh flowers is to take a stroll around my backyard, neighborhood or walking trails to see what nature can provide free of charge. This photo is a small arrangement I created just walking around my block. OK, I also visited my parents backyard…
I chose the calla lilies from my mom’s garden, daisies, black eyed Susans and some fragrant rosemary from the community flower beds. The rosemary adds filler as well as a lovely scent and it lasts a long time.  

Food stylists and prop stylists often get their inspiration from nature and the beauty that is local and specific to them. This is a great way for a national product spokesperson to make their segments authentic for the local audience they are targeting.  Regional/seasonal flowers and produce are a great way to prop a set or decorate a tablescape.  It’s amazing how a pop of color from a small bunch of sunflowers can brighten a generic TV set.  

You don’t need to be a food stylist or a prop stylist to make your kitchen look like a TV kitchen. Try unusual groupings of various flowers and herbs, you just never know what beauty you can create from goodies right outside your front door.

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