Thanksgiving Centerpiece-Nature’s Way

November 19, 2018
Author: Donna Reynolds

Need a last minute centerpiece for your table…look no further than outside your window. If you live where the leaves change, take advantage of what nature provides. We all know the trees will be bare soon, so why not bring some inside to decorate your Thanksgiving table? We gathered a variety of great leaves and berries while walking the dog the other day. We clipped branches from oak and maple trees. Some of the leaves were bright yellow and orange. Clip some brown oak leaves as well. We love the shapes and textures as well as the colors. We also came across some beautiful orange berries. We gathered it all and when home, began lying them out on the table to create a long, organic centerpiece. We added a few candles because we had them, and voila! Our centerpiece has looked great now for a couple weeks. A couple benefits of using nature as a centerpiece–it doesn’t cost anything and you don’t have to find a place to store it until next year!

Walk outside your door and see what you can discover and create!

If you don’t have a variety of trees where you live, visit your local grocery for a beautiful assortment of cut fall flowers. They will last about a week and you’d be surprised what a bouquet of fresh flowers can do for your table and your mood.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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