Spring is Coming!

March 19, 2019
Author: Donna Reynolds
The first signs of spring are always welcome, no matter where you call home!  
Longer, warmer days, signs of life on trees and the first peek of a crocus, daffodil or tulip. You might be looking out your window, thinking, ”All I see are remnants of snow piles or bare ground, but even if you dont have spring yet outside, you can bring it inside! 
Change out your bowl of pinecones for fresh lemons and limes. I have quite a collection of  faux fruits and vegetables that I rotate around my kitchen as well.  The grocery stores are full of beautiful bright flowers. Treat yourself to a bouquet the next time you are out. You will be surprised how they will instantly bring sunshine into your home. 
Once you have brightened your home with cheery spring flowers, get down to business tearing down those piles that have built up during the long winter months. Some call it “nesting”, but we all know they are stacks of junk squirreled away that you didnt want to deal with over the winter.  Throw out old magazines that you have read or are never going to, take time to cull through stacks of papers on your desk, file important papers you must keep.  Then head to the your pantry. Toss all the outdated foods and spices. Empty your refrigerator, wipe it out and restock with fresh produce and fruits.  Spring inspires us to cook lighter meals, so get started!
You will find you have more time in your day when the clutter is clear and there is room for sunshine!
Enjoy early spring everyone!

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