Being grateful for what you have…not what you don’t

April 24, 2020
Author: Donna Reynolds
2020 is off to an unprecedented start.  In the spirit of hope & resilience, we can think about what it has given us the opportunity to learn, be, do…..
Being grateful for what you have, not what you don’t…
Since last summer, I guess I have been social distancing before it was a buzz word. I got married in June and my youngest child went back at college in August, so I picked up and moved from North Carolina to Florida to be with my new husband. This was a huge adjustment for all of us, but for me, a true exercise in being okay without my tribe. I had cultivated an amazing village of supportive friends over the past 10+ years at my old home. Our tribe has been through too many ups and downs to count. We have relied on each other for different needs, a cheery text, an inspirational quote, a good cry, a fast walk/therapy session, a belly laugh or help with a DIY project that no one but that gal friend would help you with. Now in Florida, I have no tribe. In this new community, town, state. Just alone…no posse…no lunch buddy…
But, I am the happiest I have ever been as a married woman. During this time, I have learned to be even more grateful for what I do have. I love being a wife, it is truly in my DNA. I love being a mom of almost grown children, a daughter to the most wonderful parents, who love me and my children fiercely. I love being able to decide at the spur of the moment to hop in my “little red wagon” (my VW station wagon) to visit my old town, my children, my parents or colleagues. I have learned that it is ok to take life slower and just be. I read more, cook more (which my husband is most grateful for), and try more home improvement projects on my own, and it is empowering. 
So take time during these slower days and enjoy. Who knows, you may discover you like a calmer life….believe me, it’s pretty awesome. Even though, I miss my village with every part of my being, I am so grateful for what I have now.

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