Don’t let summer pass you by…casual entertaining to enjoy the season

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When the weather is nice and delicious food is in season, why not gather a few friends together to enjoy all that summer is?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about planning and preparing everything to pull off a party. This alone can keep us from making it happen. But there are lots of easy ways to make a great get-together happen without the stress.

We often plan to make the main dish or main item to grill, then in a group text ask one person bring an app, one a salad and one a dessert.  Everyone is happy to contribute. Another option is to have everyone bring an appetizer and drink to share. Somehow there will always be variety, different presentations and lots to nibble on while spending time together.

For inspiration on what to make or what to purchase & bring, see what’s on special at the market. The first display areas tend to have the seasonal items. If the asparagus looks great, grill it up and serve with shaved Parmesan and lemon. Or blanch it and add it to your veggie platter for something unique. Or select whatever fruit is in season and prep a beautiful bowl to pass and serve with some fresh and simple whipped cream for an easy dessert.

It turns out, people just want to get together to laugh and share stories–and usually, that involves food and drink—even if it isn’t perfectly orchestrated or themed.

Keep the plan to get together simple and make it happen….before the season we’ve all been waiting for passes us by.